What's In The Playbook?

Getting Started

Intro to UX Job Playbook

About the author and this Playbook.

Designer’s Role In The Tech Industry

Understand the difference between design role titles and responsibilities.

Company Types

Get a sense of the job environment that may be suitable for you.

job hunting journey overview

See what a typical job hunting process look like for UX designers.

Prepare your application materials


Tips to craft an effective resume.

Cover Letter

How to write a concise cover letter that makes a great first impression.


Prepare a concise online portfolio to impress hiring managers and recruiters.

Generate job leads

Finding job leads

Where to look for potential job openings and how to generate leads.


Using networking strategies to generate more leads for yourself.

Interview Preparation

Interview questions

Get to know the most popular interview questions and how to best answer them.

Portfolio presentation

Level up your storytelling game.

Take-home design exercise

What to expect and how to tackle design exercises.

App critique

Understand app critique format and how to approach it.

Whiteboard Challenge

Learn the framework to work with any challenge.

Interview Questions To Ask

Impress your interviewers with thoughtful, intentional questions.

General Job Hunting Knowledge

Interview follow-up

What you should do after each interview round.

How to spot job scams

Key signs to look for to avoid scams.

Compensation Overview

Understand the benefits you can potentially receive.

Offer Negotiation

Learn how to negotiate for a higher pay.